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Post  Admin on Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:37 pm

Vivace Forum Board Rules

Let's keep this simple and clear for everyone to understand.

These rules apply in every single forum here. There may also be specific rules posted in that forum, but these must be followed at all times. Inability to adhere to these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban, removal of individual posting rights or your posts/topics being deleted.

General Rules

Racism is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Instant BAN if you try to break this rule!
No spamming/flaming/excersive swearing & foul languages
No political or religious topics/posts are allowed
Don't advertise your game servers here unless they are hosted by DustFever server
Show respect to admins, moderators and other members of this forum
The site and forum admins are exempt from all the rules and are always right!
Warning will be made if thoose who failed to follow the basic rules.
Pornographic picture is not allowed in the board


Please use the search function to search for existing topics before posting to avoid making duplicate topics
Always post your topics in the right section! Read the section's descriptions when you are unsure where to post your topics
Use a proper tag in your title, depending on what you are posting such as [Suggestion], [Report], [Bugs] etc.
Write a descriptive topic titles!
Never and ever write your topic title or posts all in caps! No repeative exclamation or question marks signs in your topic title!
Do not post things in one large paragraph without punctuation. Learn how to use paragraph
Use appropriate font size, colors and styles in your topics/posts.
If you are posting in English, please try your best to write in proper english. No Manglish/Singlish, l33t or retard style of posting
Any discussion regarding cheat/hack tools is not allowed and will result in a warning
Please do not double post. Edit your last post if there is no answer to your topic
Please use EDIT message or Multi-Quote for several quoting reply.
Helps & Guides for forum funtion located at here : [Link Here]
BOLD is restrict to Admin & Moderator for moderating use, Warning will be given to the forumer if they use bold in there message.

Avatars and Signatures

Do not use inappropriate and objectable images for your avatars and signatures
Images in your avatar are limited to 240x240px
Images in your signature are limited to 500x100px
Do not link to a big and lengthy animated gif images that could slow down page loading!

User Accounts

Creating more than 1 user account is strictly not allowed!!
Any duplicated or multiple user accounts found will be permanently ban instantly
If you wish to change your nick, pm any admins with valid reasons why you want to do so.
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