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Post  AngelDust on Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:57 pm

I would like to speak out behalf on Vivace why we are here and why we do so much, hopes that you all read carefully and not just click POST REPLY and spam thoose bullshit that out of topic.

1st matter is NO ADMIN ONLINE, well we trying to solve this problem soon cause we going to add two more admin in our network which is to maintain the server where no admin around. we already selected the player and they will promote soon (please read the annoucement i made) just remember in mind, Counter Strike is a part of our life and all of the admin need to work or study, so sometimes if no admin online i hope you can make an excuse for us. BUT if got admin online and dont do their job, you may post a topic at here with a RECORDED VIDEO. so we can ask the admin in duty for the explaination. hereby we apologize if there a hacker come to spoil game while no admin around.

2nd matter is ADMIN POWER MISSUSE, just because of several case our forum from a community become a place to war of word. i dont really hope that this to happen, if that is our admin fault we will apologize if not we will stand for the rights. We will record down each kick ban that we made if thoose hacker way too pro in pretending then we will go for voteban, that is to be fair that every player in the server cast the vote. Regarding to Metallics case, it a past already i dont hope to see anymore fighting or flaming reply or else BAN will be your rewards, we love to have friend instead of enemy. so choose yourself either you need a friend or a enemy.

3rd matter is PROVE YOURSELF IS INNOCENT, due to Metallics case, it had become a flaming thread, i know all of the clan member want to help him and gain back his reputation as a PRO instead of HACKER, but please use a wise word and not emo, insult or flaming word. that is not a clearing name way that is the way too look for fights. As i say we live under one roof for one mission that is to play CS and have a good game and diffrent experience with many pro player outside, so please so control yourself it is just a kick ban and not killing your family. control emoticon when typing. Below is the example that we hope you can do it if you want to prove yourself innocent.

this case happen to C0deMonkey when he last time played at my server [JokerZ] Clan Server, he get abuse by one of my noob admin. the reason they kick and ban him is WALLING + AIMBOT so he made a self record on how he playing the game while i ( [JokerZ]-CrossFIRE ) spec him. below is the video.

Part 1

Part 2

and that is how i meet C0deMonkey and other all admin in Vivace and made my respect to them.

Last matter is Why Vivace is not a Clan?, we are a bunch of friend who meet up after Faceless and C0deMonkey and Kamikaze play in my server, and that time we all plan to make this Vivace Network happening. Our major point is to know more pro player out there, we do organise gathering to meet up players and sharing experience in CS. compare Avex with us, we still have long way to go but we are statisfied on our hardwork because we can see our Vivace Network is growing larger and larger. we meet several penang and KL player and we do hope to make more friend and not ENEMY! We will apologize if our admin goes rude to u for no reason, if in future got this kind of case you may copy the chat dialog or screenshot it and PM me, we will gave out a warning to the admin or worst we will remove their access. that is our main point we want to be a friendly player and Vivace Server is not only admin playground its all player outthere playground. That is why we are here today and name it as Vivace Network instead a clan. we hope to see more clan or player to join our community and make it happening.

P/S : I wont be available to play CS in short term due to my private life problem (all admin know it), but i will join back once all its settle down and the most important i will be active in forum, if i do online in MSN i got 80% can kick the hacker. so cheers XD

Best Regards,
Vivace Network Staff


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Server Admin

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Vivace Network Community Empty Re: Vivace Network Community

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:36 am

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Vivace Founder

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